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How to make P104 CONVATT (simplest version)


Get "Over-head-release" 20 rounds Sub Machine Gun!

- About P104 CONVATT (simplest version) -

Category: Sub Machine Gun

Capacity: 20 rounds (10x 2 layer)

Mechanism: Manual pseudo full automatic

Original work: P104 CONVATT 24 rounds


- PDF drawing -

PDF drawing is here

- Note -

  • Due to variation in individual skill, I offer no warranty for the result of your work. Build it at your own woodworking skill.
  • I do not assume any responsibility for any monetary damage or your bodily injury. Try to build (or play) it at your own risk.
  • Copyright oggcraft.jp. All Rights Reserved.
    You are allowed to use this content for personal hobby use only.
    You are prohibited to sell the kits or finished products or plans that you have built on the basis of this content.
  • Do not over-load rubber bands.
  • Do not aim other person.

  • Do you understand and accept above? Then let's try to build it.

    - Materials -

  • Wooden board A (plywood or MDF) --- 350(L)x 150(W)x 9 ~ 12(T) mm (for Mainbody)
  • Wooden thin stick B--- 120(L)x 10 ~ 15(W)x 3 ~ 4(T) mm (for Releasing-bar)
  • Wooden board C (your favorite wood) --- 4 ~ 6(T) mm (for optional Grip-panels)

  • - Tools -

  • Scroll saw
  • Sandpaper #240
  • Removable spray adhesive or Double sided tape
  • Wood glue

  • - Cutting -

    1. Download above PDF and print out it (A4 size).

    2. Cut out "Mainbody template" from printed paper with a scissors and stick it using spray adhesive or double sided tape on wooden board A.

    3. Cut out it with a scroll saw.

    4. Sandpaper it.

    5. Cut the front tip of the Releasing-bar slantly.

    Wooden thin stick B

    - Optional glueing -

    If you want to add Grip panels, glue them to the grip part.

    - Loading and shooting -

    1. attach a rubber band between the rearmost holding-slit and the muzzle-notch.


    2. Attach 9 rubber bands similary. They have to be attached in illustrated order.


    3. Put the Releasing-bar on the bands, and slip it into "Resting point".


    4. Attach 10 rubber bands as same as 1 and 2 above. 20 bands will be totaly loaded.


    5. Lift the Releasing-bar onto the top.


    6. Pull the Releasing-bar to release the bands.

    7. After 10 bands are released, insert the Releasing-bar under the remained bands.

    8. Do as same as 5 and 6 above, the remained bands will be released.

    2017.10.17 UP

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