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P210 ESFESTA, Handicraft in summer vacation


Easy single shot Rubber Band Gun

- Note -

  • Due to variation in individual skill, I offer no warranty for the result of your work. Build it at your own woodworking skill.
  • I do not assume any responsibility for any monetary damage or your bodily injury. Try to build (or play) it at your own risk.
  • Copyright oggcraft.jp. All Rights Reserved.
    You are allowed to use this content for personal hobby use only.
    You are prohibited to sell the kits or finished products or plans that you have built on the basis of this content.
  • Do not over-load rubber bands.
  • Do not aim other person.

  • Please understand and accept these. Then let's enjoy your hadicraft!

    - Material -

  • Wooden board 6 ~10 mm thickness (for Barrel, Grip-base, Grip-bridge, Trigger)
  • Wooden board 3 mm thickness (for Frame-panels)
  • Wooden board 5 ~ 7 mm thickness (for Grip)
  • Spring or Rubber band (for trigger spring)
  • Thin wooden stick (for Trigger-spring-pins)
  • Wooden screw x 2 ~ 4
  • - Drawing -

    The PDF drawing is here

    - Cutting -

    Print out above PDF on paper sheets and cut out the drawings of each parts.
    Stick them on each boards and cut out the parts.

    - Barrel -
    - Frame panels -
    - Grip -
    The front and rear ends should be chamfered with Sandpaper.
    - Trigger releaser -
    - Inner pieces -
    - Grip base and Grip bridge -

    - Building -

    (1) Glue Barrel to Frame panel (L).

    (2) Put Trigger on Frame panel (L), then glue Inner pieces and Grip base to Frame panel (L).

    (3) Glue Glip bridge to Grip (L).

    (4) Glue Grip (L) to Grip base.

    (5) Drill holes at Trigger releaser and Barrel, and insert Wooden stick as Trigger-spring-pin.
    Hang a rubber band or spring as Trigger spring.

    (6) Screw Frame panel (R) to the work.

    (7) Screw or glue Grip (R) to the work.


    - Finished work -


    This model is easy version of P210 CHIEMI SPECIAL.



    2006.08.01 UP

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