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Building Guide for the P303 GIZA 66°

- Building Guide for the P303 GIZA 66° -



This PDF is "Building Guide for the P303 GIZA 66°".
P303 GIZA 66° is a 6 rounds Semi-automatic Rubber Band Gun.
It has a simple "Linear-moving-mechanism" and has one moving-part only.

The "Templates for cutting", "Assembling", "Full scale drawings", etc... are included in this PDF.

Product type: PDF (3.86MB)
Price: 3.0USD
Language: English
Number of pages: 17 (include the cover and index pages)
Necessary Materials:

  • Plywood---2.5 ~ 3 mm thickness
  • Plywood---9 ~ 10 mm thickness
  • Your choice of Wood---5 ~ 7 mm thickness
  • Wooden round stick---2.5 ~ 3 mm diameter
  • Wooden round stick---6 mm diameter
  • Wood screws

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    Before the purchase, please read the following note.

    Note -

  • You need a Printer (A4 printable) and a Scroll saw machine.
  • This tutorial is suitable for a Scroll saw.
  • If you want to use newer machines (CNC router, Laser cutter and 3D printer, etc.), you should attempt the sample tutorial whether the using is correct or not.
  • No refund can be provided after purchase, due to the digital distribution of this document.
  • My works are designed for using "No.16 rubber band" defined in Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).
    Maybe you can not get the true Japanese No.16 rubber bands.... If so, please use this diagram to source a similar rubber band in your location.
  • Please source and prepare the necessary materials yourself. I can not provide materials or a kit. I solely offer plans for purchase.
  • Due to variation in individual skill, I offer no warranty for the result of your work. Build and/or use this tutorial at your own risk
  • I do not assume any liability for injury or damage incurred. Build and/or play it at your own risk.
  • Copyright All Rights Reserved.
    You are allowed to use the PDF documents for personal hobby use only. You are prohibited to sell the kits, finished products, and/or any plans that you have made on the basis of this document.
  • When you purchase this tutorial, please input your e-mail address correctly.
    if you do not, you can not receive a e-mail with the download link.
    In such a case, please contact me with a e-mail. After your payment is verified, I will send you a new download-link with a e-mail.

    The sample work on the basis of the guide -

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